How do I get started?

If you feel that Senior Care Concierge services are what you have been looking for, call us at (314)-334-4424 to schedule a free consultation. We always start off with a brief phone introduction and then we schedule an in home visit. This allows you and your loved one to decide if we are the right fit for you before moving forward in the process. 

What are warning signs that I should look for when determining if a senior might be ready for personal care?

If you notice the senior is struggling with daily household chores, forgetfulness, or an inability to drive themselves, it may be time to start looking for personal care that can best fit their individual needs. We can provide them with the independence they need and crave, while taking care of the hard parts and closely monitoring their safety.

What individuals are these services best catered to?

Our services cater to senior citizens and their families. While we care for the senior community, we know that we also are serving the family members who love them.

How does Total Senior Services handle complex family issues? 

Total Senior Services can be a moderator and advocate for the senior’s well-being and needs. The senior is our focus and we prioritize their comfort, health, and safety above all else.

How does pricing and payment work?

We assess every senior in our care and create a plan based off of your loved ones anticipated needs. We offer various payment and billing options in order to work best with every families needs. One time services are always available, a 30 minute minimum applies. 

How do I discuss care options with a reluctant parent or family member?

Patience and honesty are key when approaching these difficult conversations. If you are struggling to convince your family member on your own what is best for their well-being, we offer expert resources for you to take advantage of.

Still Have Questions? No Worries, Call (314) 334-4424 with any additional questions or to schedule your free consultation.